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China seeks heft for BRICS

[2011-04-14 15:36]

As host of BRICS summit this year, China seeks to boost the group's profile as a platform for emerging economies to gain stronger leverage over more advanced countries, said an article in the Wall Street Journal on April 13.

Danger hampers China's fast-growing success

[2011-04-13 16:53]

Although China's economy has grown at the phenomenal annual rate of around 10 percent during the past three decades, there are still three problems that hinder its continued development over the next few years, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal on April 11.

Is America addicted to war?

[2011-04-12 14:46]

"Is America addicted to war?" asks Stephen Walt, professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, in a commentary published by Foreign Policy in April.

Two challenges for Asia's economy in 2011

[2011-04-11 16:48]

Asia's recovery is firm, but it needs to tackle two important challenges in order to sustain its growth, said Changyong Rhee, chief economist with Asia Development Bank, in an article in the Straits Times on April 8.

South China's new labor paradigm

[2011-04-08 14:02]

A wave of export manufacturers, big and small, are moving from China's coastal manufacturing regions to cheaper inland provinces or out of the country altogether, in a clear sign that southern China's days as a low-cost manufacturing powerhouse are numbered.

Yan Xuetong: China should be more assertive

[2011-04-02 11:06]

With its growing, mighty national strength, especially in economic capacity, China should take on more responsibility in the international stage, said Yan Xuetong in an op-ed piece in the International Herald Tribune on March 31.

US spy operation to manipulate social media

[2011-03-30 17:26]

The US military is developing a software that will allow it to use fake social media personas as a pro-American propaganda tool, said an article in the Guardian on March 17.

The pain of rejection really hurts

[2011-03-29 15:28]

Heartbreak, it seems, is really capable of breaking your body, specifically, your brain, the Associated Press reported on March 29, 2011.

Another unnecessary war

[2011-03-28 17:21]

US intervention in Libya is a blunder, which will stretch an already overburdened military and undermine US national security, according to Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, in an article in USA Today on March 25.

China won't abandon nuclear power

[2011-03-25 16:28]

After Japan's nuclear crisis, China suspended approval for new nuclear power stations, but its thirst for energy probably means it won't steer away from nuclear power in the long run, said an article in Los Angeles Times on March 19.

WHO: Japan must act quickly for food safety

[2011-03-22 10:53]

The World Health Organization (WHO) described as "serious" readings in spinach found some distance away from Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactor, and said Japan needed to act quickly and ban food sales from those areas if food there has excessive levels of radiation, said an article in the Financial Times (FT) on March 21.

Japan disaster offers hope for diplomatic opening

[2011-03-18 14:41]

As the world is concerned about the catastrophe in Japan, the mega-disaster may also bring about a diplomatic opening, said an article by Agence France-Presse on March 15.