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Power to the blogging people

[2010-09-16 11:27]

Loud voices of Chinese bloggers on the Internet are affecting decisions of Chinese leaders, said a columnist Thomas L. Friedman in the New York Times on Sep. 14.

Mutual trust crucial to US-China relations

[2010-09-13 16:52]

The US needs to "forge ties with China that match in depth, scope and trust those it has with the EU as the center of gravity of world affairs moves from the Atlantic to the Pacific," said an article in the New York Times on Sep 12.

Beijing's vision for the future

[2010-09-10 10:24]

Visitors can appreciate Beijing's determination to continually transform itself from a very old city into a new one by watching virtual imagines in a movie hall, said an article in the New York Times on Sep 9.

China's "miracle" Shenzhen marks 30 years

[2010-09-09 10:22]

China's Shenzhen was hailed as a "miracle" by President Hu Jintao Monday when the southern export hub marked its 30 years of reforms.

If only China were more like Japan

[2010-09-06 14:18]

Like Japan's experience before, China may endure its own "lost decade" soon, "given similarities in the two growth models."

Can China's agriculture become self-sufficient?

[2010-09-02 13:04]

The mediocre crops this year and "a shift in dietary habits" have "strained China's traditional sufficiency in grains, leading to higher prices and large imports," said an article in the Financial Times on Aug 30.

China fortifies state businesses to fuel growth

[2010-08-31 17:04]

China is getting richer and wishing to sustain its high-octane growth, so that it has "pumped public money into companies that it expects to upgrade the industrial base and employ more people," said an article on Aug 29.

China works harder to protect its citizens overseas

[2010-08-30 14:48]

China is showing its determination and efforts to protect its citizens overseas while dealing with the case of the killings of Hong Kong tourists in Manila, said an article in the Wall Street Journal on Aug 25.

China's new cooperation with Africa

[2010-08-27 11:02]

China is doing "business and striking deals all over Africa," and its cooperation with the continent has benefited Africa's development, said an editorial in the Financial Times on Aug 25.

For China, will money bring power?

[2010-08-26 10:39]

China has just overtaken "Japan as the world's second largest economy, and bids fair to knock the US from the top spot within 20 years."

Debunking myths about China's youth culture

[2010-08-24 11:48]

International and domestic media often "skew the portrayal of China's youth and miss the point" when they are trying to report on the population.

China's rise to No. 2 may stoke trade fires

[2010-08-20 14:21]

Now that China is the world's second-largest economy, Europe and the US are bound to turn up the heat on the gaping trade imbalance, said an article in Newsweek magazine on Aug 16.