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China creating new generation of consumers

[2011-03-15 11:29]

By starting the world's largest housing investment program, China will create a new generation of consumers, said an article in New York Times on March 14.

Gary Locke is more American than Chinese

[2011-03-11 17:10]

Gary Locke's appointment as US ambassador to China undoubtedly marks a milestone for Asian, particular Chinese, Americans, but if Beijing thinks "his ancestry makes him a natural ally,” they may well be "in for a surprise," the AFP warns in an article.

Will China's rise lead to war?

[2011-03-10 14:40]

China's rise will be peaceful if the US can make some policy adjustments, said Charles Glaser in the latest Foreign Affairs Bimonthly.

US science chief warns: 'China will eat our lunch'

[2011-02-24 15:46]

China is in a better position to overtake the United States as the world's No 1 nation for scientific and technological innovation, warned John Holdren in an article in The Independent on Feb 20.

China must change to be on top

[2011-02-18 15:38]

China officially replaced Japan as the world's second-largest economy this week, and is expected to leapfrog the United States in 2020 to become the world leader. However, "how it got to No.2 will be very different from the path it must take to become No 1," suggests a column in the Singaporean newspaper the Strait Times.

China jet no reason for US defense budget rise

[2011-01-14 11:03]

The successful maiden test of China's homemade stealth fighter J-20 has taken the whole world by surprise. However, China's breakthrough in aviation industry should not justify US increase in military spending, according to an op-ed piece in Los Angeles Times on Jan 12.

Wen backs greater international role for India

[2010-12-18 09:57]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao began his three-day visit to New Dehli on Dec 14, the first of Premier Wen for the past five years. During the trust-building trip, Premier Wen backed India for greater role in international affairs, said an article in The Hindu on Dec 16.

Sky's the limit for China’s rich

[2010-12-10 15:17]

The super-wealthy in China are no longer satisfied with a roadster or playing golf. Desirous of more entertainment and convenient transport, multi-millionaires now look at private jets as their new toys, according to an article on CNN website on Dec 5.

'Egg house' reflects housing pressure on Chinese youths

[2010-12-08 15:18]

His egg-shaped mobile house is being touted as an answer to provide affordable accommodation to thousands of migrant laborers flocking to Beijing in search of work

President Hu resists pressure from Obama on RMB

[2010-11-16 18:07]

In a closed-door meeting at the G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea, President Hu Jintao "stood firm against (US president) Barack Obama's pressure on currency revaluation," said an article in Wall Street Journal on Nov 12.

China starts world's biggest census

[2010-11-02 13:23]

China has kicked off its once-a-decade census from Nov 1 to 10, with six million "census takers go door-to-door to document the massive demographic changes taking place in the world's most populous country.

Once banned, dogs reflect China's rise

[2010-10-26 17:15]

Raising dogs has become a social phenomenon in China and perhaps a "marker of how quickly this nation is hurtling through its transformation from impoverished peasant to first-world citizen," said an article in the New York Times on Oct 14.