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Obstacles to becoming a superpower

[2010-05-26 17:19]

Although China is gaining international heft, "its lack of global brands threatens its dream of becoming a superpower," said an article in the Washington Post on May 25.

Look and learn from developing world

[2010-05-26 10:09]

The world's developed nations should follow the example of the developing word and boost growth if they are to avoid a "lost decade," World Bank chief Robert Zoellick said in a newspaper column published on Tuesday.

Why factories are leaving China

[2010-05-25 14:53]

Over the past two years, millions of jobs have moved to China's interior or elsewhere in Asia as factory owners try to cut costs.

China lacks real economic growth strategy

[2010-05-24 17:09]

China isn't yet an economic giant with a viable growth strategy, said an article in Japanese Sentaku magazine on May 24.

China, US look to close world's biggest trade gap

[2010-05-24 10:09]

The world's largest bilateral trade gap--and how to narrow it--will be the focus of high-level China-US talks in Beijing this week, with export barriers taking centre stage and the yuan lurking on the side.

US-China talks to soothe troubles

[2010-05-21 16:18]

High-level talks between China and the United States next week will not bring big breakthroughs, but may help prevent destabilizing breakdowns as the two powers grapple with North Korea and other contentious global troubles.

China still lags behind US in many ways

[2010-05-20 15:36]

China's emergence has led to some projections that China is going to surpass the US in the near future.

US unlikely to push China hard on currency issue

[2010-05-20 09:56]

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and the department's senior coordinator for Chinese affairs said on Wednesday they will urge China to see yuan appreciation as being in its own interest as well as that of the global economy.

Effective evacuation demonstrates China's people-oriented diplomacy 

[2010-06-17 14:44]

It has always been China's policy to not interfere with the domestic affairs of other nations, yet when it comes to protecting the rights and interests of its overseas nationals, the Chinese government will be fully mobilized.

Farewell to America's China station

[2010-05-19 16:20]

The Chinese government "is poised to project ever greater power in the Pacific and the US doesn't appear up to the challenge", Mark Helprin, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute said in the Wall Street Journal on May 17.

India security jitters rattle growing China ties

[2010-05-18 09:51]

India's ban on imports of Chinese telecommunications equipment over spying fears underscores deep mistrust of its neighbour but is unlikely to derail cooperation between the world's two fastest growing economies.

Beijing crackdown may have deeper meaning

[2010-05-17 13:55]

Beijing authorities showed their determination in the anti-prostitution campaign by cracking down on 35 local entertainment venues, said an article on zaobao.com on May 15.