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State-owned groups fuel China's real estate boom

[2010-08-02 17:13]

China's state-owned giant groups of oil, chemical, military, telecom and highway businesses are "bidding up prices on sprawling plots of land for big real estate projects unrelated to their core businesses," according to an article in the New York Times on Monday.

Hillary Clinton's u-turn on China Policy

[2010-07-30 15:15]

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pulled a 180 u-turn on America's China policy when she urged Beijing to resolve the South China Sea territorial issue "without coercion," immediately setting off bouts of diplomatic maneuvers.

Analysis-Obama struggles to hit right note on economy

[2010-07-29 10:29]

In the face of stubbornly high unemployment and grim poll numbers, the White House is struggling to find a workable strategy for selling U.S. President Barack Obama's economic successes to voters.

A trendy import: Western look via cosmetic surgery

[2010-07-28 17:35]

In order to secure a coveted career or romance, thousands of young Chinese, mostly women, are choosing cosmetic surgery to reshape themselves with Western-looking features. The operations, blissful for some, could be quite painful for others.

Asia's budding bankers no longer feel need to go West

[2010-07-26 09:20]

For the banks, the move to hire, develop and promote homegrown talent in Asia is a key part of their expansion in a market that is becoming a major contributor to their bottomline.

East Asia Summit is the right choice for Asean Plus

[2010-07-23 14:13]

Asean has finally decided that its leaders' forum known as the East Asia Summit, or EAS, will be the most suitable of the existing forums to expand, in order to include other regional and strategic powers.

Five ways to cut China energy use

[2010-07-22 16:14]

The announcement from the International Energy Agency (IEA) that "China energy use has surpassed that of the US" was later denied by the Chinese government.

Ties warm up among cross Straits people

[2010-07-21 17:30]

Despite the status quo political disunity, people in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan are rapidly becoming closely intertwined, warming up their business links, cultural exchanges and family ties.

How will Internet-savvy teens affect China?

[2010-07-21 17:22]

A CNN article on July 19 took a close look at China's post-90s generation, the first generation to grow up with the Internet.

The Internet can make or break a brand in China

[2010-07-21 09:36]

With 420 million people now online, the Internet can make or break a brand in China, a new report released Monday said, as far more people use the web to help decide what to buy than in the west.

Pregnant Chinese traveling to get US citizenship for babies

[2010-07-20 15:43]

An increasing number of affluent expectant mothers in China are choosing to fly to the United States to give birth with the help of companies that offer "baby tourism" packages.

Classes for wealthy second generation growing in China

[2010-07-19 15:42]

The booming industry offering courses to groom heirs of China's super-rich shows that these rags-to-riches parents are worried their spoiled children won't be able to take over because these so-called wealthy second generation lacks the ability to endure hardship and put things into practice, said an article in USA Today on July 15.