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Pressing China on the yuan won't work

[2010-03-19 16:04]

Time magazine journalist Michael Schuman believed that "such efforts by the U.S. on the yuan appreciation simply won't work."

Six advantages of China's political system

[2010-03-19 14:40]

The great achievements of the China Model will undoubtedly lead to a global study of it, but all of these studies have one flaw in common: evading the great importance of China's political system.

Hedge fund: China in "greatest bubble in history"

[2010-03-19 13:42]

China's massive monetary stimulus risks triggering the burst of the "greatest bubble in history", said James Rickards, according to Bloomberg's report.

Forcing China to revalue currency may boomerang

[2010-03-18 15:12]

The US may be barking up the wrong tree by trying to force China to revalue its currency as it could fuel a rise in prices of favorite American products such as the iPhone and even plunge the Asian giant into social unrest, some analysts warned Wednesday.

A model or not, China follows its own course

[2010-03-12 10:32]

As China outshines amid the enormous financial crisis, its development path, summarized as China's model, is becoming one of the most fascinating topics for economists and scholars.

How and what will China do? -- focus of world's media

[2010-03-04 10:01]

"How and what will China do?" at its upcoming parliamentary plenary sessions has recently become a focus of world media.

Google defeated fairly, Times columnist said

[2010-01-29 11:36]

In Zachary Karabell article, he refuted two of Google's excuses about its failure in China, and implied an ongoing shift of world economic balance.

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