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Getting 'tough' with China won't help US economy

[2011-05-19 17:26]

Presidential candidate Donald Trump and other Americans blame China for America's pile of debt and call for a tough stance on China, which is unfair and won't help the US economy, says Bill Bonner in the Christian Science Monitor on May 16.

4 US misperceptions about China's economy

[2011-05-16 17:03]

Many Americans don't seem to fully grasp the complexity of the Chinese economy and US-China economic ties, which generates tension between the two countries, according to Michael Schuman in an article on TIME magazine's website on May 12.

Chinese quicker to use Weibo to make money

[2011-05-13 13:35]

More individuals and companies in China are using social media to boost business, fueling expectations that websites such as Weibo will start making money sooner than Twitter and other Western rivals, says an article in the Financial Times on May 10.

China rising, US slipping?

[2011-05-10 10:56]

China will not seek hegemony or engage in expansion, but act cautiously and focus on solving its domestic problems, according to Tom Engelhardt in an article on the CBS News website on May 2.

Mexicans work longest hours in the world

[2011-05-06 14:09]

Mexicans work the most hours in the world, with an average of 10 hours a day, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), said an article on the Washington Post website on May 3.

China population turning-point to spur inflation: state economist

[2011-05-05 14:10]

China's census results show the world's second-biggest economy is nearing a demographic watershed that will auger wage rises, higher inflation and relatively lower growth, a prominent government economist said in comments published on Thursday.

4 reasons to cheer when China overtakes America

[2011-05-04 09:38]

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted that China will surpass the US and become the world's largest economy in 2016. However, some believe that it may turn out to be a blessing for the US, according to Rick Newman in US News & World Report on April 28.

Online dating: A new craze sweeping China

[2011-04-29 15:01]

Onling dating is a new craze sweeping China, as millions of Chinese people are turning to online dating as a solution to relationship woes in a society where the social pressure to find a partner can be oppressive.

Big changes sweep rural China

[2011-04-28 17:03]

China's vast rural economy, home to over 700 million people, seems to be doing well. But urban China is doing much better, and the resulting inequality is a nagging concern for the government.

For many Chinese, new wealth and a fresh face

[2011-04-25 15:05]

With the rapid improvement in living standards, a growing number of Chinese turn to plastic surgery for a new look, said an article in the New York Times on April 23.

China issues white paper on foreign aid

[2011-04-22 10:20]

China defended its often-criticized role as a foreign aid donor Thursday, saying its assistance boosts developing countries and provides an alternative to Western donors who impose more conditions on recipients.

Little guys enjoy last laugh in football

[2011-04-18 16:47]

At a time when football's development ought to favor physical strength and stature, the success of those like Lionel Messi (1.69m tall), who is playing for Spain"s Barcelona Football Club, appears to be counterintuitive.