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US-China relations warm as Obama and Hu Jintao meet

[2010-04-13 10:39]

President Hu Jintao's visit to Washington for the nuclear security summit has aroused huge attention in global media.

Why is "Happy Farmer" so popular?

[2010-04-12 13:41]

"Happy Farmer" now is China's hottest web game, attracting roughly 80 million Chinese netizens since its establishment in 2008.

Geithner's visit signals warming ties

[2010-04-08 13:39]

US Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner embarked on a previously unscheduled trip to China, which was seen by US media as a sign of improving economic relations between US and China.

China in balancing act between Iran and US

[2010-04-07 11:48]

US officials' recent remarks seem to suggest that "China could be poised to lend crucial support to White House efforts to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions", said a commentary on CNN.

US chooses to address the yuan issue diplomatically

[2010-04-07 10:40]

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on April 3 that he has delayed an April 15 report on whether China manipulates its currency, because several high-level international meetings in the coming months will serve a better way to advance the United States position.

Soothing China-US tensions

[2010-04-01 13:31]

Some international media deemed that Beijing and Washington have extended olive branches to each other after months of bickering. The following are the comments from several overseas media:

Costs, new risk profiles test big city security

[2010-04-01 09:40]

Transport authorities are seeking more sophisticated methods of monitoring passengers to prevent attacks, but there are no easy ways to shield the world's cities and their crowded places from people set on blowing themselves up, analysts say.

Four reasons a stronger yuan may backfire

[2010-03-31 17:03]

When the US is increasing pressure on China's revaluation of the yuan, it needs to seriously consider some possible unintended consequences of the yuan's appreciation

Can Geely live up to the Volvo deal?

[2010-03-30 15:57]

Being one of China's biggest privately owned automakers, Zhejiang Geely's $1.8 billion deal with Volvo is "a landmark agreement designed to elevate the Chinese company's profile onto the global automotive stage", said an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Google is not God

[2010-03-25 10:52]

On March 24, the overseas edition of the People's Daily published a commentary entitled "Google is not God", accusing Google of helping the US intelligence and emphasizing China should promote hometown technology.

Four questions for the Australian government

[2010-03-23 17:41]

As a researcher who expects a further integration of both sides and has dealt with Australian mainstream media for years, I believe it is quite necessary to advise the Australian government and public to calm down and think about four questions rationally.

Google should comply with china's laws, netizens say

[2010-03-19 17:54]

In China, Google is facing a complicated dilemma between stay and leave. A majority of netizens of chinadaily.com.cn deems that if Google wants to continue to do business in China, it should obey China's law.