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The time is now for modern China

By Walter Mac'avien Diamana (chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2013-06-27 16:30

The world has seen a new scenario and that is a rising China that serves to conquer the hearts of states and individuals. Those who are passionate about the growing influence of China globally and its soft diplomacy that attracts developing countries.

China's rise is different from any other countries rise in history. China's modern rise was peaceful at the same time creating opportunities for developing countries and neighbouring countries to engage and enhanced cooperation through trade and economic development.

The time is now for modern China

With a long civilization around 5000 years, China has founded its prosperity and unity. Today, Chinese culture has attracted the entire world, making China the number one tourism destination for tourists globally. This culture on the other hand is marketed well by stationing Confucius Institutes in many countries around the world and Mandarin taught in these centres.

Chinese famous actors rate highly in today's movies, the likes of Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi. Even sports people. Yao Ming, the former NBA player and Li Na, the top-ranked tennis star.

China's economic miracle has enabled innovation to run its course. Brands and products top the agenda. The famous slogan “made in China” is a reality, not only because the products are cheap, but these products are affordable by majority of the population in the entire world.

Meanwhile, China has flexed its muscles in stretching assistance to the international community. Chinese assistance also generated development in developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. The Chinese government is offering a $1 billion package for the Pacific Islands Forum in the form of soft loan beginning this year.

China-zation of the 21st century is to be expected. The winds of creativity, modernization and innovation have shifted to the East. China's trend of transformation is accelerating, enabling more expectations to come from the waken dragon. Chinese nationalism is its roots, the sense of belonging to that identity and to that motherland, the Middle Kingdom.

The author is a public servant in the Solomon Islands

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