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South Korean president's proposal shows wisdom

By Chen Xuefei (chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2013-04-13 16:46

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye's remarks about holding dialogue with North Korea and promising to provide humanitarian assistance to the north shows her political wisdom and courage.

Her call should be answered actively by the North and all six parties involved in the Korean Peninsula.

According to a Xinhua News Agency report, Park said Friday that South Korea will hold dialogues with the North and promised to provide humanitarian assistance.

She was quoted as saying, "No matter how serious the situation is, the trust process in the Korean Peninsula must be pushed forward."

This shows the courage of the new female president in South Korea. This is what is needed in the Korean Peninsula and in Asia. It is the best solution to the stagnance and deadlock of the Korean Peninsula issue.

Korean Peninsula needs peace, Asia needs peace and the world needs peace, not tension or conflict.

Iraq war has shown that war is the biggest foe to sustainable development. Even super power America is affected negatively by the Iraq war.

Another important issue is that both North Korea and South Korea are Koreas. They were brothers and sisters before the second world war and even before.

Why should brothers and sisters fight each other so fiercely? Why can't they sit down and talk about their desires and aspirations? Chinese proposal is also right, military action is not an option, dialogue is the solution.

But a complete solution lies in the guarantee that North Korea's security concern should be fully considered and guaranteed. And then North Korea can give up its development of nuclear weapons. Peaceful use of nuclear power is ok, but not weapons. North Korea does not need nuclear weapons if it is guaranteed security.

Both Park from South Korea and Kim Jong-un should learn from Cao Zhi's poem. "When you boil the soybeans with the sticks of soy plants, the beans are crying and asking, we are living on the same root, why do you boil me so urgently?"

It tells the story that brothers should not kill each other or fight each other.

Kim Jung-un needs recognition by South Korea and the outside world as well as its own people. Relevant parties should sit down and begin the long suspended talks about the Korean Peninsula.

North Korean leader Kim Jung-un should answer this call. It is time to get down from the high stairs.

Only when the political leaders of the two sides can talk and make a peaceful solution, can you both win respect from the whole world. Wise leaders will make history.

It is our hope that a solution through dialogue can be found soon on the Korean Peninsula.

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