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Should parents arrange dates for their children?

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-02-12 08:38

Editor's note: A 21-year-old college junior attended eight blind dates arranged by her parents within 10 days when she returned to Wenzhou for Spring Festival. Many Chinese parents try to help their children find a significant other by setting them up on blind dates. But should parents be involved in their children's relationships? Forum readers share their opinions.

linda_sun (China)

Nothing wrong with a parent trying to set their kid up, so long as the kid is receptive to it. And at times it works out and a happy ending follows. Many young people cannot find a partner because of their narrow life circle. The fast-paced life between home and the workplace make them barely have a chance to meet [people of] the opposite sex.

Should parents arrange dates for their children?

Single men and women participate in a match-making event in China.[Photo/IC]

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