Xinjiang police arrest 94 fugitives

Updated: 2009-12-09 17:15

URUMQI: Police in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have arrested 94 wanted fugitives after the July 5 riot in the regional capital, Urumqi.

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They were among 382 people seized by Xinjiang police in a month-long campaign that started in early November, said a spokesman with the regional public security department.

He said he could give no details of what charges those arrested would face.

He said the campaign, which broke up 66 criminal rings, was aimed at enhancing social stability and dispelling public concern over security in the region after the July 5 riot.

The riot left 197 people, mostly Han Chinese, dead and 1,600 injured.

Volunteers have since helped maintain stability at communities and worked closely with public security authorities to prevent and stop crimes.

Police in Xinjiang have also intensified efforts to combat trafficking of women and children, illegal manufacturing and trading of explosives, unauthorized gun ownership and counterfeit cash, the spokesman said.

Fourteen people have been sentenced to death so far for murder and other crimes committed during the riot.