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Updated: 2011-05-03 19:36
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Share your China stories!

A life-long love affair with China
By Laszlo Montgomery

Share your China stories!



Share your China stories!

The China Daily website is inviting foreign readers to share their China stories with our worldwide audience. Please send your story with your contact information to Photos of the author or the story are also welcome.

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Share your China stories!
Chinese pink
By Rachel Terry

Explore any American toy store and you will find at least one aisle that is devoted to the color pink: pink dress-up clothes, pink sparkly princess tiaras, pink baby dolls, and stuffed pink ponies. You may see some four-year-old girls wearing pink tutus and carrying pink fairy wands.
Share your China stories!
The horse and carriage theif
By John Morris Trimmer

This story took place in Nanjing, China many, many years ago.

I was born to American parents in Nanjing and this was one of my adventures. I lived at the foot of the Nanjing Drum Tower.
Memorable trip to China
By Ruby Kochhar

China is a place which attracts people from all over the world, be it in tourism, products or culture. However, for an ordinary Indian to think that one day he/she will visit China is still a dream. Same is the case with me. All of a sudden one day I got this opportunity to have my first visit to this great ancient civilization in December 2008.

Going home
By Frank James

Nervousness and fear filled my first few days in China. I arrived at the Pudong airport, in Shanghai, in the middle of the night, after an almost twenty hour sleepless flight. Not knowing what to expect, I slowly made my way through customs and was greeted on the other side by Mr. Li, a representative of my new school.
What teaches you most about China?
By Robery Webber

What teaches you more about China: learning the language or making friends with Chinese people? Doing both would be ideal of course and maybe some people would say you cannot separate the two. But let's humour me in this question for a few hundred words and see.
Share your China stories!
Share your China stories!
Share your China stories!
Share your China stories!

The eight thousand steps of Tian Mu Mountain
By Alexander James

I'd been in Fuyan one week when I met the father of a boy who was in Grade one Yong Xing, Middle school. He was a friendly person and he knew some English so we were able to have a conversation with the help of pen and paper so we exchanged phone numbers and said our goodbyes.

My two anecdotes in China
By James Ely

In China guards supervise the entrances to all public buildings, apartment and housing complexes, universities and shopping centers. They are usually friendly, and most of them wave to me now. A few even come out to shake my hand when I pass their stations. I often have wondered, "What is their function?"
Falling in love with China
By Rhys Williams

For unknown reasons, my parents insisted my siblings and I study Mandarin throughout our schooling. Growing up in Adelaide, Australia, my older brother, Kyle went on to study Mandarin at Prince Alfred College and my older sister, Natassia did the same at Walford Anglican School for Girls.

Learning Chinese is more difficult than building airplane
By Michael Ruhnke

I first came to China in January of 2006. I was working in the USA for a battery company. They recently had taken part ownership in a battery factory in Ninghai, East China's Zhejiang province. The job posting simply said "China Opportunity".
Share your China stories!
Share your China stories!

Share your China stories!

Share your China stories!

Blue Mountain Coffee
By David Lewis Paget

I take my seat at the Golden Grove
And watch the waitress, Xu,
She's sweet and pert, and her shortened skirt
Shows off a dimple or two;
She brings the menu, a pretty smile,
I get to the "Wo xiang yao..."
But she shakes her head, before I've said
What I want, would like, or how!

Tianjin, crabs and traffic
By David Jones

Ah! China I hope that you never modernise to the standards of the West as all the fun in life would vanish. How boring it is to be stuck in a traffic snarl in Sydney to eventually see a prang rather than a live crab vendor.
My China sojourn
By Fred Jansohn

For years China has had a fascination for me. In 2003 I read a book called 1421: The Year that China Discovered the World. The book told of two Chinese fleets: one that journeyed to America, and the other that circumnavigated the globe, long before the attributed European explorers.
A teacher's simple life
By Dougie Richardson

I'm an English teacher in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. I've been here for nearly four months now. I was in China for three months in 2009, teaching in Xiaolan town, Zhongshan, but I had to cut that visit short.
Share your China stories!
Share your China stories!
Share your China stories!
Share your China stories!
A Brazilian guy living in China
By Roberto Ferreira Junior

My experience started when I applied for a job, as International Marketing Analyst, at a Chinese agrochemical company, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

A Minority in the Midst of Millions
By Jason Harper

Throughout my life I've been lucky to have met many people and become friends with folks of different address numbers, various house colors, kids and grown-ups, people who had big, scary cats or fat, fluffy dogs. While in China, I've come to realize what it feels like to be a minority.

Inscrutable joys of teaching
By Clair Lasater

For P. R. China university or college teaching appointments, usually all you need do is submit your resume on the Internet. Then, after you get an Internet yes, hop on a plane, to be met at the airport, and driven to your waiting (free) apartment.

Speechless in China
By Guenter Schuermann

Coming from Italy, where the average people hate to speak other languages than Italian or their home dialect, we were very expectant, how we can manage a journey through China without speaking Chinese. At the end we know: It is not impossible – first of all thanks the wonderful Chinese people.
Share your China stories!

Share your China stories!

Share your China stories!
Share your China stories!
On my first visit to China in 1997, my exploration of the famous and ancient Ming Tombs during a weekend taught me a lot about China.

A tennis match
By Alessandro Antonicelli

I like tennis, I think I like to think that I can play tennis pretty well, well its ok - neither good nor bad. In fact I have played since the age of eight but this means nothing really I'm still not that good.
Reached my dream land
By Mlepo Andrew Thomas

I did not have much knowledge about China except for the fact that I knew Jackie Chan and Jet Li were Chinese. I always had a wish to see for myself and learn who Chinese are, but never really thought I would make it until September 2008.
I am not particularly a picky eater
By Jerry Woods

I am not a particularly picky eater, nor am I particularly adventurous. After being in China for a few months, I think I have reached a milestone.

Share your China stories!

Share your China stories! Share your China stories!

Share your China stories! 

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