Actress' gay slurs spark uproar

Updated: 2011-07-04 17:56


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A well-known Chinese mainland actress forwarded an anti-gay article, written by a priest, on her micro blog on June 26, sparking an Internet uproar. Meanwhile, two days ago, New York has approved gay marriage in the US state.

Forwarded by Lv, the original micro blog used the words "shamed" and "sinner" in reference to homosexuality, saying "the New York State Assembly approved the legalization of gay marriage proposal last night. New York will become the sixth and most populous US state to allow gay marriage. May God have mercy on this falling land! Even if one day the law stipulates that opposition against homosexuals would be condemned, I still want to say: homosexuality is a sin. God loves sinners, but God hates sin!"

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In her micro blog, Lv called on friends to oppose homosexuality.

As a winner at last year's Golden Horse Awards, Lv should be invited to this year's Golden Horse Awards as a guest of honor, as is the convention. But after her discriminatory speech, awards chairman Hou Hsiao-hsien said the Executive Committee would retract her invitation because "the awards didn't support any discriminatory speech".

In response to her micro blog, many stars expressed their support for homosexuality.

Kevin Tsai, a famous host in Taiwan, also known to be gay, questioned Lv's comments in his micro blogs on June 29, saying "some of your supporters are homosexual, no matter what your beliefs are, how can you call on others to discriminate against them?".

Tsai also said that "many gay friends are still suffering from other's exclusion". He was optimistic that although "it may end in vain", the discussion generated from the online debate in response to Lv's comments "gives us a gleam of hope".

Song Dandan, a famous mainland actress, said that "it's difficult to change the views for people of a certain age, so I wish our children to be more friendly and lenient. All the species on the Earth should be equal."

While, Sun Haiying, Lv's husband, also a famous actor, said that he had never heard of Kevin Tsai and he added that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on anything.

As Lv also quoted from the Bible in her ant-gay blog, some Christian stars stepped forward to fight back. "I am a Christian, too. But I support gay friends, and this does not conflict with my religion. On the contrary, it makes me realize that God's love is omnipresent in this great world, and I am happy about that," Fan Weiqi, a pop singer in Taiwan said.

Meanwhile, Pan Deng, a famous entertainment critic, believed Lv and Haiying orchestrated the whole sensationalized event to gain publicity. In 2007, Hun also voiced discriminatory comments on homosexuality, saying it was a crime, and he was widely criticized for it. .