Beijing, Shanghai living costs high for expats

2011-07-15 21:12:12

The results of an independent survey showed that employees of international companies who are living in Beijing and Shanghai have comparatively higher living costs than their colleagues in New York City.

8 missing after ship sinks off E China coast

2011-07-15 20:30:30

Rescuers were still trying to locate the eight missing crew members Friday, more than a day after a cargo ship sank off east China coast, local maritime authorities said.

Power firms required to ensure safety

2011-07-15 20:09:40

The Chinese government on Friday released a regulation providing that power companies should step up their emergency response capabilities to power safety accidents to alleviate and eliminate damage.

Fine Wines and Sweet Nothings

2011-07-15 19:05:25

China Daily is 30 this year and we would like to invite our readers to come and celebrate with us. We have chalked up many milestones through the years and we would like you to come and join us for a few glasses of fine wine, and some cake.

Subway to force relocation of 300 trees

2011-07-15 17:52:06

A proposal to make way for subway construction in Nanjing, the capital of East China's Jiangsu province, calls for 303 trees to be removed and replanted, reported Thursday.

Overloaded farm vehicle does a wheelie

2011-07-15 17:49:00

An overloaded farm vehicle loses its balance on the 204 national highway in Guanyun county, Lianyungang city, East China’s Jiangsu province, July 15, 2011.

Visitors denied entry to Peking campus

2011-07-15 17:39:41

Peking University turned away swarms of frustrated visitors from its gate Thursday claiming a daily maximum of 5,000 visitors, the Beijing News reported.

Fewer forest fires reported in first half of year

2011-07-15 17:37:14

The number of forest fires recorded in China were down 32 percent year-on-year to 4,833 in the first half of 2011, the State Forestry Administration said Friday.

TV station censors famous drinking scene

2011-07-15 17:20:15

Images of people drinking will be deleted from a TV drama before it is broadcast in East China’s Anhui province.

Chinese women learn how to snag a billionaire

2011-07-15 14:56:51

Want to marry rich? Then the unlikely named Beijing Moral Education Centre for Women is for you.

China still using 1995 elevator standard

2011-07-15 13:55:24

China is still using an outdated standard that Europe adopted in 1995 for its elevators, but a new one is expected to be issued in the near future, said an expert.

Headquarter's ballroom for singing, dancing police

2011-07-15 11:10:42

The police bureau of Jingjiang city, East China's Jiangsu province, has specially set up a ballroom in its office building to meet the demand of some police officers who like singing, the Yangzi Evening News reported Friday.

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