Where does the name Communist Party of China come from?

Updated: 2011-07-27 11:22

Two pieces of content were mentioned in The Communist Party of China History Volume I, which was revised and published in January 2011, while referring to the Communist Party of China (CPC) Shanghai's early organizational activities.

First, in June 1920 Chen Duxiu, Li Hanjun, Yu Xiusong, Shi Fuliang and Chen Gongpei held a meeting and decided to set up a communist party organization, and the initial name was the Social Communist Party, which appeared in a party program. Second, after deliberation and preparation with Chen Duxiu's host, the CPC Shanghai's early organization was established in August 1920 in the New Youth editorial department in the old French Concession in Shanghai. (The Communist Party of China History Volume I (2011 Edition). Communist Party of China History Press, Beijing. P59. )

The name "Social Communist Party" came from the diary written by Yu Xiusong, a member of the CPC Shanghai's early party organization, in which he only used the name one time on July 10, 1920. Therefore, the author deemed that the name "Social Communist Party" was not the final conclusion without mentions other than the diary.

However, the name "Communist Party of China" for the Shanghai communist group set up in August 1920 dated back to an initial statement of Shi Guangfu and Li Da, members of the Shanghai communist group. The author thinks this statement is still open to question.

How did the name "Communist Party of China" come into existence? What considerations did Party founders give to the party's name?

1. The writer thinks the initial name of the Shanghai communist group was neither "Social Communist Party" nor "Communist Party of China", but rather, "Socialist Party".

In August 1920, the Shanghai communist group was set up with Chen Duxiu as the secretary. On September 1, Chen Duxiu issued an article entitled "My views on the current situation" in the New Youth magazine in which he first defined the name "Socialist Party". And before defining the name for the Shanghai Socialism Youth League on August 22, 1920, the initial name of this league was the "Youth Social Revolution Party".

As is known to all, in April 1920, approved by the Communist International, the Russian Communist Party sent the representative Grigori Voitinsky, who had engaged in the American Socialist Party during his time living in the United States, to help China's founding of the party. Considering this background, it is not hard to understand the early name "Socialist Party" for the Shanghai communist party organization. At the same time, the New Youth magazine changed its cover design to incorporate the party emblem of the American Socialist Party in September, 1920. This change indicated that Chen Duxiu and others were inspired by Grigori Voitinsky and the American Socialist Party.

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