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Updated: 2013-07-19 13:23

Yao Chen

The cost of meals for the first month after Yao Chen gave birth is 40,000 yuan ($6,512), according to Taipei-based Central News Agency, becoming one of the hottest topics on Baidu, China's most-used search engine. The Chinese actress married videographer Cao Yu in November 2012.


Media in Zhengzhou reported that a girl claiming to be 14 years old planned to buy an Audi for her 16-year-old boyfriend, which dominated Baidu search engine. The girl turned out to be 12 and a liar.

Sister Furong

Trending news across China

Sister Furong, an Internet celebrity in China, posted new pictures of herself on Sina Weibo on Friday, her 36th birthday. She created an online sensation in 2005 after posting "S-figure" photos of herself, in which she bends her knees and thrusts out her chest in a provocative pose.

Fruit seller

On Sina Weibo, People's Daily urged an investigation into the death of Deng Zhangjia, a fruit seller who died during a fight with local officials in Hunan province Wednesday.

Tiny Times

The Atlantic Magazine trashing Tiny Times, a film directed by online novelist Guo Jingming, went abuzz on Sina Weibo. The magazine said it is a regression for Chinese women.


Half of 10,000 fireflies died within three days after they were brought to a Qingdao park due to environmental incompatibility. The fireflies are from South China's Guangxi and cost about 30,000 yuan ($4,887).

Trending news across China