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China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries

2013-08-06 09:54

By (China Daily)

Beyond Boundaries

Editor's note: China Daily begins a series of human interest stories representing neighboring countries in an effort to shed insight on topics relevant to China. Pakistan is the second installment.


Neighboring countries - Pakistan

The war-torn Pakistan is the second installment

 Part Four  

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries
Zheng Xudong, a Chinese chef at a five-star hotel in Lahore, Pakistan, enjoys interacting with local diners and introducing them to original Chinese cuisine. 

Chef has own recipe for success in Pakistan

Zheng Xudong, 36, a veteran Chinese chef working in Pakistan, said many local diners have asked him to adapt Chinese cuisine to the Pakistani palate, and his secret is to "use more sauce".

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries

Sea port set to help strengthen economic links

The Gwadar Port is a key component of the planned China-Pakistan economic corridor, and cooperation on it "is not aimed at undermining the interests of any third party", a senior Pakistani diplomat told China Daily.

Noor Muhammad Jadmani, special secretary of Asia-Pacific affairs at Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rejected media reports that the port on the Arabian Sea is for "military use". 

 Part Three  

We explore Chinese efforts to alleviate Pakistan's energy thirst and improve its infrastructure in the third part of our Pakistan series

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries

China helps out energy-starved Pakistan

With an ongoing energy shortage affecting nearly every household in Pakistan, several Chinese power companies and institutes are working closely with the nation's government to take advantage of its natural resources and increase electricity production.

Sharif eager to hasten cooperation

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is eager to fast-track policies that will improve his country's cooperation with China, particularly in infrastructure, to revive Pakistan's economy. "This is the time for both countries to move forward at the fastest possible speed so that we can harness the potential between them," said Sharif.

Pakistan looks for aid with power shortage

I was trapped in a lift for the first time in my life during a blackout in Islamabad, which, even though it is the capital of Pakistan, is not immune to the continuing nationwide power shortage.

 Part Two  

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries

Shameel Farhan (left), a 39-year-old Pakistani security officer, attends a Mandarin course at the National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad in June.

Mandarin becomes priority

China is training more Mandarin teachers and building more language schools in Pakistan to meet the growing demand for Mandarin speakers.

Chinese dramas 'missing' from Pakistani TV

Leading broadcasters in the country admit there are few TV dramas from China shown on the country's small screens. More Chinese TV dramas are expected to be subtitled in English to attract potential viewers.

Market open for bilingual job seekers

Zhang Daojian, vice-president of the Confucius Institute in Islamabad, said he has had numerous requests over the past year from Chinese businesses that want to hire local Mandarin-speaking students.

 Part One  

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries

More than 150,000 government troops have been deployed to the border area in recent years.

The 'softer' solution to terror

Pakistan's military says it has made progress in cracking down on Taliban terrorists, deploying large numbers of soldiers along its northern borders and reclaiming land from local fighters.

Women work alongside men at checkpoints

When arriving in Pakistan, foreigners may be amazed to learn that young women - such as Gulnaz Malik - serve at security checkpoints in a country where women's lives remain largely mysterious to outsiders.

Pakistanis adapt to everyday heightened security

Roadblocks are almost everywhere in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. It is a scene that reminds every visitor from abroad how everyday life has been profoundly reshaped by terrorist attacks.

Neighboring countries - Myanmar

Myanmar, which is in transition, is the first installment

 Part One  

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries

Zhang Zhongxin, a martial arts instructor from Hebei province, trains Aung Si Thu, in Nay Pyi Taw, capital of Myanmar. More Chinese are finding opportunities in the fast-changing country.

Training for landmark games

It was nearly 40 C outside, and in the No 2 Nay Pyi Taw Sports Training Center, Hu Youzhi's T-shirt was already soaked with sweat as the shoddy air conditioner tried to battle the scorching heat.

Series connects TV audiences across borders

Watching Journey to the West, a classic Chinese TV series filmed in the 1980s, is one of Moe Aung Yin's fondest childhood memories. 

Epic to show mutual historical links

For the first time, China and Myanmar are jointly producing an epic TV series featuring a legendary story dating back to the Tang dynasty (AD 618-907) and linking the two countries.

 Part Two  

Cooperation can boost Myanmar's tourism

With visits by tourists hitting a high in 2012, Myanmar is seeking more cooperation and investment from China to unleash its potential, the country's head of tourism said.

An enchanted place where time stands still

Myanmar, with its cultural and geographic diversity, is one of the most exotic countries in Southeast Asia.

A land of smiles for the weary traveler

During my 10 days in Myanmar, as I made contact with hotel staff in different cities, they just kept reinforcing my good impression: they were everywhere when you needed them, and they were nowhere if you preferred to be alone.

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries
 Part Three  

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries

The Monywa Copper Mining Project  

Geng Yi, the managing director of the Letpadaung Copper Mine, is cautiously optimistic that one of China's largest investments in Myanmar will "soon be back on track". 

Investors' problems can be solved with dialogue

The problems concerning some Chinese enterprises investing in Myanmar can be solved through negotiation and dialogue, the Chinese ambassador to Myanmar said.

 Part Four  

Chinese telecom companies are enthusiastic about Myanmar's efforts to boost its underdeveloped telecom market, said a high-level manager at the Myanmar branch of a top Chinese telecom company.

A land of opportunity and challenges

The grand opening of Huawei's flagship handset showroom in downtown Yangon in early May evoked images of the frenzied crowds of Chinese people who line up in front of the Apple store in Sanlitun, Beijing, to buy the latest iPhone

China Daily Special: Beyond Boundaries