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Trending news across China on Oct 18

Updated: 2013-10-18 10:24

The shocking scenes depicted by the Falungong are to be wiped from advertising boards in Taiwan, and would you flatten an "illegal" building for 80 yuan? It's all trending across China.

British bigamy

A 48-year-old married British man with the pseudonym Jerry has been sentenced to five months criminal detention suspended for six months in Guangzhou after he was found living with a Chinese woman and had two daughters, reported.

His bigamy was reported by his British wife who married him for more than 20 years and they already have four daughters.

Shattered antiques

An audience member surnamed Wang in Hebei province took Beijing Television Station and its program host Wang Gang to court after a pair from his cup collection was shattered to pieces during the program as they were labeled as cheap knockoffs, Yanzhao Evening News reported.

Two experts appeared for Wang in court to confirm the cups are imitations from ancient times, which also have the value of cultural relics.

Trending news across China on Oct 18

Taiwan wipes Falungong

Taiwan authorities have asked its local branches to clean up advertising boards which promote Falungong activities. The move was met with opposition among members of the "green" camp since they believed Taiwan should be a place with democratic pluralism, Global Times reported.

But the decision was welcomed among many local residents since they thought the advertising boards contained too many bloody scenes.

Wild prices

Price control authorities in Shaanxi province denied a statement on Weibo that the ticket price to Dayan (Wild Goose) Pagoda, the most famous ancient building in Xi'an, will rise to 40 yuan($6.56) per person, Beijing Times reported.

The denial came after the previous rumor of rising ticket prices triggered a hot debate among the public since 40 yuan is higher than the original price – 20 yuan for off-season and 30 yuan for peak season, which were already regarded as unreasonable.

Trending news across China on Oct 18

Student demolition

Trending news across China on Oct 18

Authorities from Guiyang in Guizhou province said a number of local officials have been removed from their posts after they wrongly denied 837 students participated in demolishing illegal buildings, the Beijing News reported.

A student earns 80 yuan($13.13) demolishing illegal buildings for half of the day, the report said.

Cockroach farming grows

Wang Fuming, a 43-year-old businessman, makes a living by raising 10 million cockroaches. He has six cockroach farms and has become one of the world's largest cockroach farmers. Cockroach farming industry is developing rapidly in China, becoming a new way to get rich, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Wang said: "The cockroaches will be sold to some drug and cosmetic companies in Asia, as they are a kind of protein source. And the price of dried cockroaches went up tenfold, from $2 up to $20 per pound (0.45 kg)," reported.

Trip around the world in 80 days

An 80-day trip around the world was offered for 1.18 million ($193,486), and 10 were sold in 15 seconds. Ctrip, a travel and tourism company in China, were offering the trips. Ten customers from Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shandong, among others, will depart from Hong Kong, starting an 80-day journey around the world, beginning on Feb 5, 2014, reported.

Inmates in soccer case

Xie Yalong, former vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association (CFA) and director of the Chinese soccer administrative center, helps his cell mates with massages using his own expertise. Xie was sentenced to 10 years and six months for bribery during the soccer anti-gambling case in China.

Yang Yimin, former vice chairman of CFA and deputy director of the Chinese soccer administrative center, watches the news on television and reads the newspaper every day, and reads law books, as he want to become a university teacher after doing his time. Yang was also sentenced to 10 years and six months, reported.