In cartoons: Top words in China 2013

Updated: 2013-12-18 09:20 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Where are we going, dad?

In cartoons: Top words in China 2013
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China has long way to go in producing original TV show

Chinese television industry's "fever" for overseas TV shows light up the screen, but it is also provoking worries on whether this action will reduce the television industry's motivation and capability for innovation, the People's Daily reported.

China's reality TV program Where Are We Going? Dad, featuring five pairs of star dads and children, gained nationwide popularity with ratings triumphs although just four episodes were aired. The show was based on South Korea's hit reality show Dad! Where Are We Going?

When the Korean-style TV show debuted in China, it quickly led the ratings. A good model normally is universal, which can be localized around the world and be embraced by a global audience. Full story >>

Where are we going, dad?

Where are we going, Dad? Hit the big screen!

Top 10 most popular star dads

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