In cartoons: Top words in China 2013

Updated: 2013-12-18 09:20 (chinadaily.com.cn)


In cartoons: Top words in China 2013
Luo Jie/cartoon.chinadaily.com.cn

Banks not allowed to use Bitcoin

China's central bank barred financial institutions from handling Bitcoin transactions after investors lost money on fraudulent online platforms for the virtual currency.

The move also follows an 89-fold jump in the virtual currency's value this year, supported in part by demand from Chinese investors.

"Judging from its nature, Bitcoin is a specific virtual commodity. It does not have the same legal status as a currency and can't, and should not, circulate in the market," the People's Bank of China said in a statement posted on Thursday on its website.Full story >>

China warns against use of Bitcoin

Beware of the baneful Bitcoin bug

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