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Grand Canal, Silk Road set for world status

Updated: 2013-12-27 18:25
By Sun Yuanqing (

The Grand Canal and Silk Road may be included in the World Heritage list next year, an official from the State Bureau of Cultural Relics said on Friday.

The Grand Canal, linking Beijing and Hangzhou, is the longest canal in the world.

The Silk Road, a series of routes linking China with various regions in Asia and beyond, is steeped in history and folklore. It enabled trade between East and West and helped promote cultural exchanges over the centuries.

“This is the first time that China has applied for World Heritage status for two projects at the same time and both projects are of great significance,” Li Xiaojie, deputy culture minister and director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, said. He was speaking during an annual meeting of directors of bureaus of cultural relics.

Culture Minister Cai Wu was also at the meeting.

China's Hani Rice Terraces were successfully declared as a World Heritage Site this year.