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Couple's weds after delay of decades

By Yan Yiqi ( Updated: 2014-03-19 15:40

Couple's weds after delay of decades

Wang Zhizhen (R) and Li Zhaohai 

A wedding ceremony, which has been delayed for 20 years, was held on Tuesday between 96-year-old Wang Zhizhen and 82-year-old Li Zhaohai in Hefei, Anhui province, Jianghuai Daily reported.

The couple fell in love in the early 1990s while both living in Yicheng Nursing Home. However, they did not register to marry until March.

"Our old age was one concern, and how the public would think of us was another," said Wang, the bride.

She said the marriage registration serves as a proof of their relationship that she, as a traditional Chinese woman, has long dreamed of. However, fearing that people might judge her, Wang intended to not hold a wedding ceremony.

Workers at the nursing home and the district where the home is located helped the couple with their marriage registration and arranged the ceremony.

Dong Jialan, an official with the district, said the marriage of old couples should be blessed by society.

"Their marriage sets a good example for young people today," she said.

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