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Qihoo 360's anti-fraud website logs 10,822 tipoffs

By CAO YIN | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-09-12 17:00

A website created by Chinese security software giant Qihoo 360 received more than 10,822 reports of online fraud between January and June, the company said at a cybersecurity conference on Tuesday.

More than half of the complaints to 110.360.cn were about leaks of personal data after individuals had booked flights, received refunds for goods bought online or made online payments.

The reported cases of fraud involved a total of 120 million yuan ($18.37 million), the company said.

"Website operators did not take effective measures against data leaks most of the time," Qihoo said in a statement, adding that the country's Cybersecurity Law, effective from June 1, will help alleviate such problems.

According to the law, website operators are required to improve security to prevent the leak of users' personal information, or report to the national internet management authorities if they are unable to meet requirements.

"The review of smartphone apps should be much stricter, too," the company said.

In addition to being ordered to increase measures to prevent data leaks, website operators are required to do more to educate security personnel, according to the statement.

Zhao Zeliang, director of cybersecurity coordination for the China's Cyberspace Administration, said last week the authority plans to establish an institute to cultivate cybersecurity experts with the Ministry of Education.

"The key to protecting cybersecurity is expertise," he said, adding that four to six such institutes will be set up over the next decade. 

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