Strong Earthquake Jolts SW China



China sets stricter construction standards for schools

China's top legislature adopted an amendment to the law on earthquake safety and disaster relief, stipulating higher quake-proof construction standards for schools.

Quake donations go transparent via online database

Those who made donations for the relief and rehabilitation of southwest China after the massive earthquake on May 12 are able to see how their donations are being spent through an online database made public on Friday by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.


Six months after the earthquake

Wednesday was exactly six months after the May 12 earthquake that killed more than 80,000 people and left five million homeless.



Suicide official mourned in quake zone

A memorial service was held Wednesday for an official who killed himself Monday in Beichuan County, while experts urged more psychological aid for officials under pressure in the quake zone.


China awards little heros in quake rescue

China awarded 50 youngsters Friday for their bravery in the rescue after the May 12 earthquake that jolted Sichuan Province. Reports on Quake Relief, Reconstruction


Giant pandas suffer post-quake trauma

Si Jia stood on her hind legs trying to snatch her milk bowl from a zoo keeper's hand. During the tug of war the metal container fell and gave out a loud bang when hitting the ground. All three giant pandas in the area were scared away.


Quake zone students look to future with college exam

The three-day national college entrance exam started on Thursday for 120,000 students in areas hit by the May 12 earthquake, weeks after their peers elsewhere in the nation took the crucial test.