Crosstalk comedian Xiao Lin dies at 59

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Crosstalk comedian Xiao Lin dies at 59

Chinese crosstalk comedian Xiao Lin. [Photo/Agencies]

Xiao Lin, China'
s famous crosstalk comedian and member of the Chinese Ballad Singers Association died of blood poisoning today. He was 59.

"Today is the day, farewell to Xiao Lin Radio," his fans wrote on Sina Weibo.

His fans named his performances "Xiao Lin Radio" – because they have accompanied them throughout their lives like a radio program – as a way of paying tribute to Xiao's arresting imitation and singing that amused and captured their hearts.

As a disciple of Ma Ji, China's master of crosstalk comedy, Xiao Lin learned a grassroots form of crosstalk: mocking seamy officials, and poking fun at the moral decay of society. With over 100 works, and two classic representative works performed at the Spring Festival Gala, he was awarded the Hou Baolin Award, China's highest award in crosstalk.

Chinese crosstalk first appeared in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), originally a form of satire for venting subjects' anger at the ills of society, and since the 1950s, it has also served as a form of moral reflection upon society.


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