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Ten creative book stands at the Beijing Book Fair

[2016-09-02 15:15]

A total of 30,000 various books have been shown to visitors at the 23rd Beijing International Book Fair. Indeed, it is a universal truth that the content determines the lifetime of a certain book. An appealing book design or an innovative book stand may attract visitors to come and see.

Copyright trade agreements top 5k at BIBF

[2016-09-02 14:11]

The Beijing International Book Fair came to a successful conclusion on August 28. During the five-day book fair, more than 1000 book-oriented events were shown at the exhibition, which attracted more than 300,000 visitors.

China and Croatia team up to publish children's books

[2016-08-25 11:34]

Guangxi Normal University Press singed a strategic agreement with Croatian publisher Djecja Knjiga at the Beijing International Book Fair on Wednesday, marking another step to go global.

Books on China's traditional culture and modern academia popular overseas

[2016-08-25 15:18]

Books about China's traditional culture and modern academia are the most popular Chinese books overseas, says a publishing industry veteran.

Jilin attends 23rd Beijing International Book Fair

[2016-08-26 15:54]

The five-day 23rd Beijing International Book Fair is being held in the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Venue).

Mexican author reads to kids in Beijing

[2016-08-26 16:25]

Award-winning Mexican author had a young audience giggling recently in Beijing as she told a story about a flying beetle that buried itself in the towering hairdo of a woman just before she attended a wedding.

Traditional folk art showcased at Beijing International Book Fair

[2016-08-26 15:18]

In an obscure corner, a street of folk art appears a little incongruously amid the many book stands of the 23rd Beijing International Book Fair, which runs from August 24 to 28.

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