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French version of 'Waiting for Godot' to come to Beijing stage

[2016-07-20 13:36]

After 12 years, Waiting for Godot, French writer Samuel Beckett's masterpiece, is coming to Beijing's Capital Theater again, but this time, the play will be in French.

Guo Pei: Instead of commodity, a dress can be art

[2016-07-01 09:29]

Guo is widely considered China's first hautest couturier and is the first born-and-raised Asian designer to be invited as a guest member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

Bon Voyage's Chinese Dream

[2016-06-29 09:43]

Together with drummer Nicolas Ballay and keyboarder Maxime Kosinetz, the band BVO aims to introduce their unique definition of music, which mixes pop, electric, psychedelic and rock.

What pictures can tell about father and son

[2016-06-19 08:53]

French photographer Grégoire Korganowshoots father and son in his photo project: Father and son.

Paris nostalgia: French ballet Paris-New York-Paris

[2016-06-16 16:14]

A journey back in time orchestrated by Petter Jacobsson, Paris-New-York Paris, contains three dance pieces: Corps de Ballet (2014), Sounddance (1975) and Relache (1924).

'Shanghai 2002': Portrait of a city revealed by women's faces

[2016-06-13 11:48]

A unique photo project created 14 years ago in Shanghai and shown for the first time in China answers just that.

French rising stars to sing around China

[2016-06-08 17:32]

Starting June 16, six French bands will tour in seven Chinese cities to charm Chinese audiences with their nouveau beats for this year's Fête de la Musique.

Photo exhibition compares East with West

[2016-06-01 09:58]

In this new exhibition, Tears of the Earth, Roller compares the two world powers of over 2,000 ago, the Roman Empire and the Qin Dynasty.

'The Imaginary Invalid': Classic in a modern way

[2016-05-11 15:55]

"It is about money and body, or, wealth and health, which everyone wants in modern society," said Michel Didym, well-known French director who is staging his production of Molière's classical play The Imaginary Invalid for the first time in China in May.

Les Gordon: Classic guy goes electric

[2016-05-11 14:55]

He's humble and reserved, hippyish and relaxed. Looking like a good boy gone bad, the young French musician Les Gordon performs like a geeky nice guy gone wild.

French Culture Month starts in Beijing

[2016-05-09 14:19]

An art forum marked the start of French Culture Month of the China Millennium Monument at the China World Art Museum. The May 7 forum was held to enhance Sino-French cultural exchanges and contemporary art development.

Cartoonist Golo: Drawing is what I do

[2016-05-05 10:29]

So far, Zhao has published several cartoon books that have won him about 20 awards in France. He goes to France every now and then, and has traveled to a large part of the country.

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