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Share and win awards!

Updated: 2012-06-14 14:26

Share and win awards!

Happiness is real when shared. Join our “Summer of Sharing” now on our new food channel! Simply send us your original recipes, favorite dishes and restaurants and you will get exclusive freebies from

And here is an added twist: you will also have the chance to win buffet vouchers, room coupons of five-star hotels,gift packages of traditional Chinese rice dumplings(Zongzi in Chinese) and the Lee Kum Kee Seasoning packs, if you attach your original photos, videos, detailed description of your experience and even the short-cut to the dining places in the mail.

Time: June 15-Aug 31

Three ways to participate:

1. Send your works to

2. Upload them on

3. @Chinadaily-Life‘s weibo --中国日报-生活 on sina microblog

Note: Please write down your contact details so we can send you your prizes if your works are choosen as our monthly top 10 winners.