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Fight animal fears

Updated: 2012-07-24 13:43
(China Daily)

Discovery Channel presents My Extreme Animal Phobia on CETV-3 every Friday at 23:52, starting from July 20.

The program is on how people with unusual animal phobias seek treatment from psychologist Dr Robin Zasio.

They are so terrified of some animals that it affects the quality of their lives. One of the guests in the show is afraid to open her windows or turn on the air conditioner for fear that spiders or bugs will get in her home. Another person won't spend time outside with his kids because of his fear of pit bull dogs. There is also a musician from San Francisco who is utterly terrified of snakes. With the guidance of Zasio, they change their lives forever.

In each of the hour-long episodes, three people embark on a five-day, live-in course of intensive exposure therapy. They achieve remarkable results to beat the fear that has taken a firm grip of their lives.