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Victoria Beckham didn't tip at restaurant

Updated: 2012-08-09 13:56
( Agencies)
Victoria Beckham didn't tip at restaurant

Victoria Beckham failed to tip a waitress on a recent trip to a Pizza Express restaurant.

The fashion designer dined at a branch of the popular pizza restaurant in Loughton, Essex, on Monday (06.08.12).

Despite being wealthy, she apparently only paid the £115 bill in cash and left without leaving a tip.

A supervisor at the restaurant told The Sun newspaper about the experience: "Victoria came in on Monday night with six children and David's mum.

"She paid £115 for dinner in cash. She's a very good customer and comes here regularly.

The member of staff continued: "She loves having bosco salad -- warm garlic mushrooms, baby mozzarella, avocado, roasted tomatoes, spinach, rocket, balsamic syrup, honey and mustard dressing with warm doughsticks.

"She's had other salads before, but never pizza -- she wouldn't eat that.

They added: "She didn't leave a tip, she didn't leave anything. I gave her the receipt and she gave me the money exactly, £115. But it doesn't matter.

"She's a good customer and is always nice. You give her something, she always says please and thank you."