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Jackie Chan to kick off 101st flick

Updated: 2012-09-06 10:17
(China Daily)

Jackie Chan to kick off 101st flick

Jackie Chan's 101st film, Chinese Zodiac, recently released its first trailer in Beijing.

In the one-minute video, Chan wears a roller-blader's suit in a chase scene that takes place on zigzagging mountain roads, while leading a team on a treasure hunt.

The film features intense action, most of which is undertaken by the 58-year-old Chan, who promises the story is as hilarious as his previous works.

Known for his devotion to finding new actors, Chan brings two young actresses - Yao Xingtong and Zhang Lanxin - to public attention. They play two members of Chan's team, who respectively specialize in history and kung fu.

The film will premiere in China on Dec 12.