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Susan Boyle has 'blossomed' with fame

Updated: 2012-10-30 13:17
( Agencies)
Susan Boyle has 'blossomed' with fame

Susan Boyle feels she has "blossomed".

The 'I Dreamed A Dream' singer - who shot to worldwide fame when she auditioned for UK TV show 'Britain's Got Talent' in 2009 - admits she initially found it difficult when she first found success but has now calmed down and is in a much better place.

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She said: "When you suddenly have it all you can get yourself in a fluster. People you've never met are coming at you and you think, 'Help!'

"But now it fits firmly on my shoulders and I'm more relaxed. I understand why I have to do certain things and take them in my stride. I've calmed down and feel more confident. I've blossomed. I love travelling, meeting people, wearing nice clothes, the whole package."

Despite her fame, Susan likes to be as grounded as possible and likes to help out people less fortunate than her.

She added to Hello! magazine: "I do normal stuff at home. I watch TV, listen to music, and I'm learning to play piano. I've a baby grand down at the posh house, but I'm only at grade one stage so let's not carried away.

"I'd like to be involved in community drama - to help people with special needs."