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Dina Lohan blamed for Lindsay's arrest

Updated: 2012-11-30 16:02
( Agencies)
Dina Lohan blamed for Lindsay's arrest

Dina Lohan has been blamed for Lindsay Lohan's latest arrest.

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The 'Liz & Dick' actress was arrested and charged with punching a woman in a New York nightclub in the early hours of Thursday morning (29.11.12) and her father Michael believes it is all her mother Dina's fault.

He wrote on twitter: "@dinalohan why is it that I have to go public to get her into rehab and you want to take credit when you are part of the cause? TOLD YOU! (sic)"

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Dina did not respond to Michael but released a statement claiming tough times only help to bond her family.

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According to RadarOnline, she said: "At this time I kindly ask that you extend to my family the time we need to address my daughter's circumstances with the appropriate parties. As a mother you always love and pray for the best with all your children.

"Our family's bond grows deeper and stronger during the tough times and I am beyond proud of all of my children for the love and devotion they provide for each other."

"We are there for and stand by one another unconditionally. Many thanks to all that have expressed concern for my daughter.

"Your compassionate thoughts and prayers are received with my deepest gratitude."

Meanwhile Lindsay's assistant, Gavin Doyle, who bailed her out of jail, has urged her to "get help".

Writing under his twitter name @SaveTheSociety, he said: "@lindsaylohan after bailing you out last night I HOPE and PRAY you get the help you so desperately need. We are ALL rooting for you xxx

"Life is NOT a movie it's a reality that needs to be faced (sic)."