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Striking a chord without compromise

Updated: 2013-09-18 07:49
By Chen Jie (China Daily)

Striking a chord without compromise

Limelight | Li Yundi

The reserved but talented Li Yundi is tickling the ivories, his way, to bring more young people to classical music, Chen Jie reports.

If you hadn't heard it from Li Yundi himself, you wouldn't believe this nice and humble pianist would do this. One time, while recording an album in Vienna, he found the producer did not appreciate his playing. After an hour at the piano, he stood up from the stool and left the studio directly. Then he turned off his mobile phone and took the first flight back to Hannover, Germany, where he was studying.

But on second thought, it is exactly what Li would do. As a serious classical musician, he would not make any compromise in art.

The agency and record company kept calling him. And his answer was: "We had discussed before that I don't work with that guy. How can you change the agreement? It's my recording. I cannot work with a producer whose concept of music is different from mine."

The record company had to replace the producer. And he is "proud" of the results. "I have my principle in music," says the 31-year-old keyboard star, who is on his largest tour across the country.


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Striking a chord without compromise

Striking a chord without compromise

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Striking a chord without compromise

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