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Rhinestones deliver all the bling for less

Updated: 2013-10-14 06:33
By Gan Tian ( China Daily)

Rhinestones deliver all the bling for less

Swarovski's signature work: Shourouk Brooch. Photo provided to China Daily

To determine whether the piece is seasonal or not, a consumer first has to see its color combinations and shapes. Usually, a timeless piece is not fancy, with less ornament - purer, with clean lines.

Colin illustrates the point with a bracelet created some years ago but still featured in this year's collection.

"It's very iconic, with Swarovski characteristics. Its colors change from dark and jade to pure, clean white. It's something you can always keep in your collection. I love this bracelet, and it is one of the best-sellers," she says.

In 2006, Colin joined the well-known crystal-maker Swarovski. Before that, she worked in fashion companies. She used to work in Perry Ellis and collaborated with Marc Jacobs.

Her responsibility at Swarovski is to design seasonal accessories with a team of 18 designers, create good visuals and stories, and collaborate with celebrities for promotions.

She has created Swanflower, a pattern inspired by the company's swan logo that has become a signature of Swarovski, used in many of its designs.


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