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  • Obama on 'The Butler' - 'I did tear up'

    2013-08-28 09:42

    US President Barack Obama says he teared up watching a movie about an African-American man who served for 34 years at the White House during the tumultuous time of the civil rights movement.
    'The Butler' premieres in NY

  • Old fashion vs new with Gatsby and Tiny Times

    2013-08-27 17:31

    Shortly before the Gatsby premiere in China, a local film franchise of Tiny Times has stirred a heated discussion on its costumes.

  • Raymond Zhou: Montreal Journal, August 26

    2013-08-27 13:01

    When I ran into Yang Yazhou this morning at the buffet breakfast, it was like meeting an old acquaintance.Raymond Zhou: Montreal Journal, August 25

  • Chinese actors land roles in Transformers

    2013-08-26 15:27

    The fourth installment of the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers franchise has cast four young Chinese actors through a reality TV show.

  • Chinese films still struggle for some bling

    2013-08-26 12:34

    Chinese moviemakers are also becoming more aware of that films targeted at women are closely connected with fashion. In two recently premiered movies, producers and directors have paid much more attention to couture.

  • Raymond Zhou: Montreal Journal

    2013-08-26 11:59

    August 25: When Serge Losique mentions Zhang Yimou, he uses the term “my brother,” which is eerily reminiscent of the Beijing street language for buddies.

  • Raymond Zhou: Montreal Journal, August 24

    2013-08-25 11:31

    I finally got to meet my fellow jurors today. Even though we stay in the same hotel and all screenings and other activities are within walking distance, all of us were already head over heels in catching up with the latest hot movies.

  • Pixar animation expected to make a splash

    2013-08-24 12:50

    A major animation blockbuster is landing in China. The latest Pixar prequel "Monsters University" has racked up over US$500 million worldwide, and now it hopes to replicate that success in China.

  • Raymond Zhou: Montreal Journal, August 23

    2013-08-24 10:57

    August 23: There are many good things to say about the Montreal World Film Festival, but one thing stands out but rarely gets mentioned. That is its free screenings, especially the ones in the open air.

  • Fast forward with film

    2013-08-23 23:54

    In the past year, Chinese films have galloped ahead like a dark horse, beating Hollywood imports.

  • Montreal Journal

    2013-08-23 14:32

    The 37th Montreal World Film Festival opened on August 22, not with a bang, but with a soft murmur that touched my heart.

  • Vic Chou, Liu Shishi attend premiere of 'A Moment of Love'

    2013-08-23 13:44

    Cast members Vic Chou and Liu Shishi attend the press conference for the premiere of Taiwan director Gavin Lin's movie "A Moment of Love" in Beijing, capital of China, Aug 22, 2013.

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