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  • Hop to some hip jazz

    2012-08-24 13:41

    Three Fall, a German jazz trio, spices up jazz by adding a hip-hop flavor. It won the "Future Sound 2008" award at the Leverkusen Jazz Festival.

  • Roots, rock 'n' Taoism

    2012-08-24 13:37

    Floating Tones comprises six reggae lovers. They believe reggae is like a warm breeze that helps people everywhere communicate.

  • Greek heavy metal

    2012-08-24 13:34

    Greek heavy metal band Firewind will kick off its China tour in Beijing on Aug 24 and Shanghai on Aug 25.

  • Open your ears and mind

    2012-08-24 10:54

    Maybe Mars is turning 5 and will celebrate with a national tour called Independent China in Stereo, which ends in Beijing on Sept 1.

  • A bright future for Qu Wanting

    2012-08-24 10:28

    Qu Wanting, a Harbin-born singer-songwriter living in Canada, has been acclaimed as the latest miracle of the Chinese music industry.

  • Taylor Swift's 'Never Ever' breaks record

    2012-08-23 11:00

    Taylor Swift's single made a record-breaking entry in Billboard Digital Songs chart, scoring the biggest digital sales week ever for a song by a female artist.

  • Rocker to break new ground

    2012-08-20 17:53

    Beijing Workers' Stadium has never had a male singer from the Chinese mainland perform on its stage since it was built in 1959.

  • Cats in Chinese

    2012-08-20 17:22

    A Chinese production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats will be staged in Sept. The Jellicle Cats will sing their songs in Chinese.

  • Singing about life

    2012-08-20 17:22

    Frida Andersson, Finnish singer and songwriter, will perform in Beijing at Modernista Club.

  • Bieber, Gaga join Beyonce for campaign

    2012-08-20 13:11

    Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama are giving a helping hand to Beyonce. Obama and the pop stars have signed on to support the global campaign for World Humanitarian Day.

  • Rock the outdoors

    2012-08-17 16:20

    China's oldest outdoor music festival, Midi, will launch its first event in the city of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province in China.

  • Sweet sounds

    2012-08-17 15:41

    Music ranging from jazz and funk to R&B and electro dance music will be presented at the swanky Brown Sugar club.