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  • Chinese breaking old color barriers with hair dye

    2013-09-09 07:01

    A Chinese woman dyes her hair 1.9 times per year, while the number in Western countries is 5, according to the China Hair Report released last week.

  • Autumn earring picks for the season

    2013-09-09 07:01

    A new pair of earrings with modern designs should sparkle on your ears this autumn. Here are some good ones to look for.

  • Watanabe's way

    2013-09-09 07:01

    The Japanese design guru teams up with Spanish leather house Loewe to make an unlikely combination of materials sing.

  • The gadgets

    2013-09-07 10:25

    The international collection of eight winning gadgets integrated into Hotel Icon's three laboratory guestrooms:

  • Tomorrow's rooms

    2013-09-07 08:14

    Today's travelers are more difficult to please than ever before. A lot of that comes from expectations. We assume we can remain connected to family and friends back home wherever we go.

  • New Hermes boutique opens in California

    2013-09-05 11:09

    Jessica Alba celebrates the unveiling of the new Hermes Beverly Hills boutique in Culver City, California Sept 3.

  • Kate Upton named Model of the Year

    2013-09-04 17:24

    Kate Upton has officially been crowned 2013's Model of the Year, and will pick up her prize Wednesday at the 10th annual Style Awards.

  • Black is the new black

    2013-09-02 07:36

    Classic black is making a comeback, with power and modernity.

  • Fashion by numbers

    2013-09-02 07:36

    The job of buying clothes might seem glamorous, but it has more to do with a spreadsheet than the catwalk. Black is the new black

  • Designer rebel with applause

    2013-09-01 08:12

    As a Chinese artist appointed the creative director for a foreign luxury brand, Zhou Yi says the last thing she wants is the "Chinese element".

  • Old fashion vs new with Gatsby and Tiny Times

    2013-08-27 17:31

    Shortly before the Gatsby premiere in China, a local film franchise of Tiny Times has stirred a heated discussion on its costumes.

  • Subtle statements right on trend

    2013-08-26 16:16

    A raft of new stores is appealing to discerning fashionistas who understand true style is not always adorned with big-name labels. Tiffany Tan finds out why sometimes less is more