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  • 'Entourage' on HBO session

    2011-07-29 16:12

    Casts of HBO series "Entourage" participate in a panel discussion at the 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Cable Press Tour.

  • Another royal couple movie on the way

    2011-07-29 16:10

    Break out the cake: Another movie about Prince William and Kate Middleton is set to debut on TV.

  • 'Game of Thrones' may not cover whole book series: HBO

    2011-07-29 11:42

    HBO executives said on Thursday they were delighted and surprised at the success of new fantasy show "Game of Thrones" but they gave no guarantees that the TV series would cover all the books in the series.

  • TV discussion of 'Doctor who'

    2011-07-29 09:27

    Actors Matt Smith who portrays 'The Doctor' and Karen Gillian who portrays Amy Pond take part in a panel discussion during the 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Cable Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 28, 2011.

  • 'Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas' discussion

    2011-07-28 16:18

    Actor Gil Bellows and actress Faith Ford from the television show "Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas" take part in a panel discussion during the Hallmark Channel portion of the Press Tour for the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, California, July 27, 2011.

  • Celebrity judges seek spark from TV

    2011-07-28 11:28

    Jean Holmgren doesn't like country music and had never heard of Blake Shelton.

  • CCTV-9 seeks docus on social issues

    2011-07-28 10:27

    CCTV-9, the documentary channel, has invited bids from television production companies to make non-fictional programs.

  • Six Beverly Hills 'housewives' return

    2011-07-28 10:21

    The glitzy drama of reality show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" will be returning in September will all six original ladies, plus some special guests, cable TV channel Bravo said on Wednesday.

  • TV watchdog says 'Playboy Club' glamorizes porn

    2011-07-28 10:03

    A TV watchdog group on Wednesday accused NBC of glamorizing the porn industry in its upcoming new drama series "The Playboy Club" and urged NBC affiliates around the United States not to air it.

  • Sesame Street live show for all the family

    2011-07-26 11:25

    In 1998 the classic United States children's television program Sesame Street was first introduced to Shanghai audiences as a 130-episode series titled Zhima Jie.

  • Sohu invests heavily in Princess Huanzhu

    2011-07-26 11:09

    Web portal spent about 80 million yuan ($12 million) on buying and promoting the latest TV version of Princess Huanzhu, a remake of the 1997 TV drama, which has a huge fan base.

  • Raunchy '80s comedies get Blu-ray debut

    2011-07-26 10:20

    Classic comedies make their Blue-ray debut in the next two weeks, including "Animal House" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."