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The Three Musketeers《三个火枪手》精讲之一

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Athos: All for one.

Musketeers: And one for all.

Milady: So, what's next?

Athos: Back to Paris, I guess.

Milady: And then what?

Athos: Wherever they send us, whatever France needs.

Aramis: It's who we are. It's what we do.

Milady: I too love you.

Athos: I know.

Milady: Then please try and understand that this isn't personal. It's strictly business. He made me a better offer.

Duke of Buckingham: Ah. Athos.

Athos: Buckingham.

Duke of Buckingham: A toxin. In case you were wondering, it wasn't in your drink, it was on your cup. Inactive until it came into contact with the liquid. Don't worry. It isn't fatal. Although I suspect a part of you wishes it was. You take all the risk and I get the reward. Hardly seems fair. Well, just so you don't leave empty-handed...a word of advice. Trust no one, especially women. You'll live longer. Telling him you loved him right before you betrayed him. I must say, that was cruel, even by my standards. I only took away his prize. You took a lot more than that. At last, the war machine.


D'Artagnan’s father: Look down. It's a trick an old friend taught me. Your adversary will not always be as noble as you. Remember that...and I have nothing left to teach you.

D'Artagnan: I doubt that, Father.

D'Artagnan’s father: Keep it. It's passed down from generation to generation, from father to son. It's yours now.

D'Artagnan: The weapon of a Musketeer.

D'Artagnan’s father: The real weapon of a Musketeer... is here. All for one.

D'Artagnan: And one for all.

D'Artagnan’s father: You remind me of somebody.

D'Artagnan: Let me guess. You.

D'Artagnan’s father: No, no. The man I wish I was when I was your age. Well, you should really be on your way. Take this purse. There's 15 crowns in it. It's enough to get you to Paris. And you'll need a mount. Your mother's insisting you take Buttercup. I know it's not much, and....

D'Artagnan: It's plenty.

D'Artagnan’s mother: Take care of yourself, my son. Try not to get into any fights.

D'Artagnan: If I'm to be a musketeer, I think I might have to do a little bit of fighting.

D'Artagnan’s mother: Stay at the back if you can.

D'Artagnan: Yes, Mother.

D'Artagnan’s father: There's one more piece of advice.

D'Artagnan: I know. I know. Don't get into any trouble.

D'Artagnan’s father: Wrong. Get into trouble. Make mistakes. Fight, love, live. And remember, always, you're a Gascon and our son. Now go. Go.


Captain Rochefort: In the name of God, what kind of beast is that? And the beast he's riding doesn't look much either.

D'Artagnan: Ostler.

Ostler: Sir?

D'Artagnan: Please see that my horse is watered and fed.

Captain Rochefort: Oh, it's a horse, is it? My friends here thought it was a cow.

D'Artagnan: Excuse me. See, I know you men are just kidding around. Buttercup...well, she gets a little sensitive. I'm afraid I must ask you to apologize.

Captain Rochefort: Well, I'm afraid I'm not in the habit of apologizing to Gascon yokels.

D'Artagnan: Not to me. To my horse. You've hurt her feelings.

Captain Rochefort: And if I don't?

D'Artagnan: I shall have to kill you. You shot me!

Captain Rochefort: Most observant of you, young man. But the real question is, why are you not dead? Flesh wound. Sight must be off. Who takes care of my pistols?

Man: Captain Rochefort, I....

Cart driver: Whoa, whoa, steady.

Captain Rochefort: Wouldn't want to dirty my blade with peasant blood. So, boy...consider this a lesson. Your last.

Milady: No. He's too pretty for that.

Captain Rochefort: As you wish, Milady.

Milady: Rochefort, come. We're expected in Paris.

D'Artagnan: Thank you.


toxin: 毒素

adversary: 对手;敌手

crown: 克朗(印有王冠或头戴王冠的君王头像的硬币)

mount: 坐骑


ostler: (旅馆的)马夫。

kid around: 开玩笑。例:My dad likes to kid around and make us laugh.(爸爸老是喜欢开玩笑,逗我们玩。)
Gascon: 加斯科涅(地区)的;yokel: 乡巴佬;庄稼汉。



The Three Musketeers《三个火枪手》精讲之一

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