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The Notebook《恋恋笔记本》精讲之一

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Allie: Daddy. Oh, Daddy you're--I didn't see you there. You kinda scared me.

Dad: Becoming friendly with that boy down there.

Allie: Yes.

Dad: Bring him to the house on Sunday. I want to meet this young man.

Allie: Okay. Good night, Daddy.

Dad: Good night. Oh, boy. This bug goes "Daddy, I don't understand." He goes, "Well, in theory, we're both millionaires, but in reality, we live with a bunch of whores." Bishop Stevens told me that.

Mom: Olivier, please remove the-- the liquor decanter from in front of my husband. I think he's had a little too much to drink.

Guest: I don't get it.

Guest: Pay attention.

Guest: So, what do you do, Noah?

Noah: I work at the lumber yard with Fin. Mainly milling and receiving logs-- and stripping the bark.

Woman: Oh, that's lovely, dear.

Noah: Thank you.

Guest: If you don't mind my asking, uh, how much do you make at your job?

Noah: Uh, how much money do I make? Mm-hmm. About 40 cents an hour. Yeah, it's not much, but I don't need a lot. And l--I save most of it.

Dad: Let's eat. Shall we?

Guest: Yes! Oh, it looks delicious.

Mom: So Noah, you and Allie have been spending a lot of time together. You must be very fond of each other. It's getting pretty serious, huh?

Noah: Yes, ma'am.

Mom: Well, summer's almost gone. What will you do?

Noah: You know, Charleston's only a couple of hours away.

Mom: But Allie's going to Sarah Lawrence. Didn't she tell you?

Noah: No, she didn't tell me that.

Allie: I just got the letter. I was going to tell you.

Noah: It's okay.

Mom: And Sarah Lawrence is in New York.

Noah: I didn't know that.

Dad: Anne, this conversation's too stuffy for the dinner table. Let the children have fun without bringing in the Spanish lnquisition.

Mom: My lips are buttoned, right now.

Dad: I do know another joke about the Nun and the full standing bishop.

Guest: Stop. That wasn't me. I'm leaving the table if you tell another joke.

Allie: Whoo!

Noah: I'm gonna do it. Yeah.

Mom: That child's got too much spirit for a girl of her circumstance.

Dad: Nah, it's just summer love.

Mom: Trouble is what it is.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. a bunch of: 一群,一堆

2. liquor decanter: 酒瓶,decanter意思是酒壶,或者玻璃水瓶

3. get it: 明白了。这里的意思是,我没听懂。

4. lumber yard: 木材厂

5. fond of: 喜欢

She is fond of flaunting her superiority before her friends and schoolmates.(她好在朋友和同学面前逞强。)

6. letter: 这里是指录取通知书

7. stuffy: 枯燥无味的;一本正经的


It was hot and stuffy in the classroom.(教室里很闷热。)

8. Spanish lnquisition: 这里父亲是说:别再审讯他们了。

9. buttoned: 扣住,系住。这句的意思是:我立刻闭嘴。

I buttoned up my coat; it was chilly.(我扣上了外套的扣子;天气很冷。)

10.summer love: 夏日恋情



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