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The Notebook《恋恋笔记本》精讲之二

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Allie: You sent the police for me?

Mom: Yes. It is two in the morning. We sent the police.

Dad: Thank God you're all right. Where you been?

Noah: Mr. Hamilton, all this is my fault.

Dad: Would you give us a moment please? I'd like to talk to my daughter. Alone, young lady. Thanks for everything, Lieutenant.

Cop: You bet, John, anytime.

Dad: You go straight home now, it's late.

Noah: Sir, it's really not her fault. I lost track of time.

Dad: Sit down.

Allie: I'm sorry, Daddy.

Dad: Is he a rapist?

Allie: No. Like what, mother?

Mom: You are going to stop seeing Noah. She is out fooling around with that boy till 2:00 in the morning and it has got to stop. I didn't spend 17 years of my life raising a daughter and giving her everything...so she could throw it away on a summer romance.

Allie: Daddy, come on!

Mom: She will wind up with her heart broken or pregnant.

Dad: Anne, please.

Mom: Now, he is a nice boy. He's a nice boy, but he's--

Allie: He's what? He's what? Tell me.

Mom: He is trash, trash, trash--not for you.

Allie: Trash? Don't touch me!

Mom: Now that is enough. You are not to see him anymore. And that's final.

Allie: No, it's not final.

Mom: Yes it is.

Allie: No, it's not final!

Mom: Allie!

Allie: You're not going to tell me who I'm gonna love.

Dad: Love?

Allie: Yes Daddy, I love him. I love him.

Dad: He's not suitable for you, baby.

Allie: I love him.

Mom: You are 17 years old, you don't know anything about love.

Allie: Oh, and you do? You don't look at Daddy the way I look at Noah. You don't touch or laugh. You don't play. You don't know anything about love. Noah? Noah? Hey, hey. You leaving? Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I don't even know what to say. I'm humiliated.

Noah: It's all right.

Allie: No, it's not.

Noah: Yeah.

Allie: No, it's not. No.

Noah: I'm gonna go.

Allie: No, I don't want you to go.

Noah: I got to think about some stuff.

Allie: What do you got to think about, huh? Come here and talk to me. Talk to me!

Noah: About what? You want--you're going away! You're leaving. And I'm staying here. And I'm so happy that you're doing it, but you're gonna have a million things to do.

Allie: No.

Noah: You got so much ahead of you.

Allie: Don't talk like that.

Noah: It's true. I'm not going to have nice things, fancy things. It doesn't--It's never gonna happen for me. It's not in the cards for me.

Allie: I don't have to go to school, okay?

Noah: Yes, you do.

Allie: I can stay here.

Noah: No. Do you see, that's exactly what I am talking about.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. Lieutenant: 中尉

2. You bet: 当然,真的,的确

You bet I'll be there.(当然我会到那里去的。)

3. lost track of time: 失去了时间观念,忘记了时间

We took a walk along the river and totally lost track of time.(我们沿着河岸散步,完全忘了时间。)

4. fool around with: <口>与…鬼混; 搞不正当的男女关系

Don't fool around with another man's wife.(不要与有夫之妇鬼混。)

5. wind up: 最终沦落到;最终落得;(以……)告终

Both partners of the marriage wound up unhappy.(最后婚姻双方都不幸福。)

6. a million things: 很多事情,通常想说某人很忙

He has got a million and one things to do today.(他今天有很多事要做。)

7. in the cards: 可能的

I had always felt that my marriage to her was in the cards.(我觉得我的婚姻是命中注定的。)

Sarah Lawrence College 莎拉劳伦斯学院


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