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The Notebook《恋恋笔记本》精讲之三

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Classmate: Would you get a load of him? Oh my gosh, he is dreamy.

Allie: What is he doing here?

Classmate: He's staring at you.

Lon: Oh, miss? I'm all better. Now, how's about that date?

Allie was surprised how quickly she fell in love with Lon Hammond. He was handsome, smart, funny, sophisticated and charming. He also came from old Southern money, and was fabulously wealthy.

Allie: What? Oh, what's happening? Where you going? Where they going?

Mom: See you later, sweetheart.

Lon: Allie, I've been thinking a lot about why we shouldn't get married.

Allie: Okay, I give up, why shouldn't we get married?

Lon: Well see, that's the thing, I couldn't think of anything at first. An then, it just dawned on me. Your parents...

Allie: My parents?

Lon: Absolutely. Your old mom and dad. Thank you for that.

Allie: Mom?

Lon: You see, the problem is that they love me. I'm exactly the type of man they want you to end up with.

Allie: They do. Really?

Lon: You know, I'm wealthy, I'm from the South, I got a decent job. You know, I'm an incredible dancer, I'm a really smart guy. I like to think--

Allie: So what's the problem, huh?

Lon: Now just this, if you marry me-- Now listen close. If you marry me...then you will have lost a life long battle of defiance against them.

Allie: Oh my goodness, what are we going to do?

Lon: I do not know.

DJ: Hey, band, you feeling all right?

Band: Hey, band, you feeling all right?!

Lon: See Allie, I think--damn it, I think you have to marry me. I think you need to marry me.

Allie: I do?

Lon: Yes you do.

Allie: I do, why?

Lon: Because if you do, you parents will always know the unhappiness that you feel for not being able to disappoint them.

Allie: I think you may have overlooked one minor detail.

Lon: And what's that?

Allie: Well, you see you have to get their permission first. And I think you may have overestimated their affection for you.

Lon: Is that right? Oh, I don't think so.

Allie: Then why not?

Lon: Oh, 'cause I asked them already and they said yes.

Allie: What?

Lon: One more thing. I love you. Will you marry me, honey? I know I kid around a lot, but I'm crazy about you. Marry me? Make me the happiest man in the world.

Allie: Yes. Yes!

Lon: Just hold tight.

Allie: Where are you going? Oh my God. Mama.

Lon: Okay, stop the band. Excuse me. I'd like everyone here to know that this young lady and I are getting married.

She agreed with all her heart, but couldn't understand why at the very moment she said yes, Noah's face came to her mind.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. get a load of: <美俚>仔细地看[听]; 打量; 估计

Here comes Hal. Get a load of his new suit!(哈尔来了,请特别注意看他穿的新衣服!)

2. dreamy: 梦幻般的;梦想的

dreamy也可以表示恍惚的,出神的,例如:His face assumed a sort of dreamy expression.(他脸上现出一种恍惚的表情。)

3. Southern money: 这里指朗恩来自南方的富裕家庭。

4. dawn on: 逐渐(被人)知晓; 明白

It gradually dawned upon me that I still had talent and ought to run again.(我渐渐明白了自己还有才能,应该再次参加竞选。)

5. end up with: 以……告终

His efforts end up with failure.(他的努力以失败而告终。)

6. one more thing: 还有一件事

7. kid around: 开玩笑,取笑

I like to kid around with John, we are great friends.(我喜欢和约翰开玩笑,我们是很好的朋友。)

8. crazy about: 热衷,着迷

He is crazy about that girl.(他迷上了那位女孩。)



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