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THE WEEK Oct 24: Excuse me while I kiss this guy

2014-10-27 14:44
The World Wild Foundation recently released a video online of a giant panda doing something "unclean".

China Youth 中国青年

2014-10-17 16:33
For the last 30 years, China has seen massive development with challenges and struggles. It's home to China's largest and most charismatic young generation, a generation of approximately 240 million people born between 1980 and 1990.


2014-09-26 13:35


2014-09-18 13:46
美国HBO电视台出品的脱口秀节目《Last Week Tonight with John Oliver》(上周今夜秀)主持人John Oliver谈论苏格兰独立公投。


2014-09-15 14:13

纪念911:《每日秀》911后首秀 囧叔励志

2014-09-11 13:22


2014-09-09 13:40

THE WEEK Sept 5: Turn down for cloud

2014-09-05 16:37
In September 1, 2014, the internet as we knew it blew up in what is called the "Fappening".


2014-09-02 14:36

THE WEEK Aug 29: And the Emmy goes to…

2014-09-01 10:40
This year at the Primetime Emmy's, old tv favorites ran wild and won awards.

2014年艾美奖Seth Meyers开场秀

2014-08-27 13:36
第66届美国电视艾美奖主持人Seth Meyers嘲讽模式全开,把获提名的剧目黑了个遍。

THE WEEK August 8: Bieber, Bloom & Balls

2014-08-08 16:58
Over the weekend it was revealed that Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom threw down in an Ibiza restaurant.


2014-07-17 13:13

THE WEEK July 4: Transform and sell out!

2014-07-04 17:12
The newest installment of the Transformers franchise is out in theaters now.


2014-06-27 10:06

THE WEEK June 20: Unexpected Power!

2014-06-20 17:24
While the world is focused on the FiFa World Cup in Brazil, the internet is looking at Germany.

THE WEEK June 6: Roach, pig & plaza dance

2014-06-06 17:20
Over in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the police have an extra duty apart from their normal ones. The Kaohsiung Police are apparently now also pest control.

THE WEEK May 23: Singing Chinese With An American Twang

2014-05-26 08:45
American singer songwriter most affectionately known by her stage name Katara writes and sings in mandarin Chinese.

THE WEEK May 16: Horse, sushi & bees

2014-05-16 16:37
A young Chinese woman living in Tokyo has created online controversy after posting a negative review about famed Sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro's.

THE WEEK May 9: Schrodinger's cabbage

2014-05-09 16:41
The hit United States television comedy The Big Bang Theory has been removed from China based Internet streaming sites!

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