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THE WEEK Feb 1: Pollution blankets Beijing

2013-02-01 15:18
You have probably heard about the air pollution that has blanketed Beijing for the majority of the last two or three weeks.

THE WEEK Jan 25: I'm a victim

2013-01-28 09:09
The world's most famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong, came forward to admit that he lied, cheated and acted like a world-class jerk.


2013-01-22 11:23

THE WEEK Jan 18: Gun control

2013-01-21 11:03
In recent weeks, gun control policies in the United States have been the center of heated debates.

THE WEEK Jan 11: Call a time out

2013-01-14 09:12
In China this week, one man became fed up because he believed his unemployed son had become lazy and unmotivated and was addicted to video games.

THE WEEK Jan 4: New Year special

2013-01-05 09:14
In 2013, we predict outer space will continue to become a playground rather than a place for meaningful scientific exploration.

THE WEEK Dec 21: Christmas special

2012-12-21 17:44
Each year, hundreds - and sometimes thousands - of people gather in cities around the world for Santacon

THE WEEK Nov 30: Black Friday

2012-11-30 17:22
On the day after Thanksgiving, retail stores throughout the country offer ridiculously good deals to entice shoppers to spend all of their money.

THE WEEK Nov 23: Meaningless record broken

2012-11-26 09:08
A lazy Australian guy broke the world record for consecutive hours playing video games.

THE WEEK Nov 16: US military or reality TV?

2012-11-19 09:01
The world has grown seemingly obsessed with the story of General David Patraeus having an affair with the woman who wrote his biography.

THE WEEK Oct 19, 2012

2012-10-22 09:01


2012-09-13 11:18
北京时间9月13日凌晨,苹果公司在美国旧金山召开发布会,正式发布新一代手机产品iPhone 5。


2012-09-04 10:44

The Week Aug 17,2012

2012-08-17 17:06

Superbodies 奥运特辑-沙滩排球(双语视频)

2012-08-02 10:07

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