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China's sacred lotus blooms bright

2013-07-25 16:16

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China's sacred lotus blooms bright

As the mercury rises to just 30 C at 5 am on July 10, the beauty of China's summer lotus blooms in Laodaohe town, Kaifu district of Changsha province. The lotus, seen as sacred, only blooms at the sunrise. [Photo/icpress]

It is known for its beauty and hailed as sacred with many poems penned about the flower, but the wonder of the lotus has been the livelihood of the Liu family for generations.

As the day is still dark, Liu Bochang, his wife and his sister Liu Yanhong walk out of their home to the lotus pond. Each one holding a bag, the three disappear into the pond. Half an hour later, their bags have been filled with lotus seeds.

"This morning, we have picked over 200 kilos. My brother will drive to the South Gate and sell them to vendors," Liu Yanhong said, with her feet soaked in mud. "Almost all families grow lotus seeds in Xiangtan. Fresh seeds have a wonderful taste and also sell well."

"Many people come to shot photos in the afternoon, but actually, the lotus then is not so good-looking," Liu Yanhong said. "The most beautiful lotus blooms only at sunrise. People should come early."

China's sacred lotus blooms bright

China's sacred lotus blooms bright

China's sacred lotus blooms bright

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