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Majestic freehand, love of nature

Updated: 2013-09-22 07:54
By Zheng Xin ( China Daily)

Majestic freehand, love of nature

Over the long history of Chinese painting, bird-and-flower painting has always been one of three main subjects along with landscapes and figures.

Guo Shifu, with his great freehand, naturalistic style, has well inherited the art, yet given it his own understanding.

Mostly grand and magnificent, Guo's paintings are free and boundless. He believes in the importance of expressing the spirit of Chinese culture and philosophy in paintings.

Often about birds, flowers, insects, fishes, bamboo, orchids and other natural subjects, his paintings are grand and majestic - not only in size, but also in artistic conception.

It's not difficult to discover that most of Guo's works are in ink, rarely with excessive color, then solemn and awe-inspiring.

Guo said the pursuit of beauty is endless and the highest state of aesthetic appreciation of Chinese painting lies in the beauty of its natural origin rather than an excessively adorned style.

In many of Guo's works, it's easy to feel vigor, vitality and youthful passion blended in the painting. Imprints of the times and spirit of personality are also well expressed through most of his pieces.

Instead of elaborate consideration and refinement of every detail, Guo prefers focusing on the general construction of a painting. The hefty lines endow the works with the spirit of calligraphy, vigorous and forceful.

Show time

Works by Guo Shifu

Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou

Sept 28 - Oct 7

Organizers: Chinese Artists Association, Beijing Fine Art Academy, Chinese Painting Institute and the art academy at the Institute of Culture and History

Guo Shifu, founder of the first painting association in Beijing - the Baihua Painting Association - is also a member of the Chinese Artists Association and the art commission of the Beijing Fine Art Academy.

He has published several collections and contributed also greatly to research into the country's artwork market.

Proficient in traditional painting, calligraphy, seal cutting, poetry and Western techniques, Guo is also renowned in Chinese opera, which is represented in many of his works.

More than 100 freehand bird-and-flower paintings will be on show, most of them the choice of the artist.

The exhibition will also include selected calligraphy works by Guo.

Majestic freehand, love of nature

Classic style given modern flair 

Majestic freehand, love of nature

Art works of National Art Museum of China 

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