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Hebei lady, 80, becomes live-stream's newest star

By Zhang Yu | China Daily | Updated: 2016-10-07 09:34

Hebei lady, 80, becomes live-stream's newest star

Qiu Zhizhen at Beijing's 798 Art District in June.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Who said you have to be young to live-stream?

An 80-year-old woman has become an internet celebrity after she began broadcasting herself live online, just as many young people are doing these days.

Qiu Zhizhen, who lives in Cangzhou in North China's Hebei province, has two live shows every day under the nickname of Chao Laotai, which means "fashionable old lady".

In the show, she talks about her daily life, childhood, and tells young people what they should do when they meet difficulties.

"They (the audience) like to hear what things were like back in the 1950s, such as how I fell in love with my husband at the time," Qiu said.

She told them she and her husband got married in 1957, before which they just met once.

"A matchmaker introduced us to each other in 1951, but we were just allowed to see each other's photos first," Qiu said in one of her videos, adding that they got to know each other by letters.

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