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Perhaps love

Updated: 2012-06-06 13:38

Perhaps love

Perhaps Love

Cast members:

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Zhou Xun

Jacky Cheung

Ji Jin Hee


It is a film released in 2005 and directed by Peter Chan, marking the first musical to be produced in mainland China in over forty years.

Sun Na was born into poverty, but has great ambitions. By fair means or foul, she eventually becomes a well-known super star. Then, fate plays a trick on her.

Several years before, Sun Na met Nie Wen, who is a celebrated director and admired Sun Na’s performing skills. Sun Na got chance to be the heroine of his movie, and became famous since then. Nie Wen and Sun Na are not only good partners at work, but also lovers in life, benefiting from each other.

Nie Wen begins to direct a musical starring his girlfriend Sun Na and a Hong Kong superstar Lin Jiandong. Nie Wen also plays a key role in the film. Coincidentally, Lin Jiandong is Sun Na’s ex-boyfriend and the story between them dates back to ten years before.

At that time, Lin was still a common film student and Sun was a cabaret singer in Beijing. Lin was impressed by Sun’s lofty aspirations, and admired her a lot. They encouraged each other and had a good time together.

However, Lin later found that Sun would do anything just to make more money. Lin introduced some moviemakers to her but was betrayed by Sun. Not long after, Sun left Lin and disappeared.

The plot of the film directed by Nie is exactly the same as the real triangle relationship between them. Nie is completely unaware of Sun’s story, as Sun has decided to efface past memories, including Lin. However, Lin cannot get the past out of his mind and constantly recalls their past in front of Sun.

Sun is moved and promises to go back to Beijing with Lin to review their past memories. But Lin leaves a letter to Sun, and goes away, saying that he had just come for revenge. Nie discovers their past romance and decides to let Sun go. Sun, always indifferent to true love, finds herself deep in love with Nie.

Before departing, Lin, still in love with Sun, tells her not to forget the memories shared between them. Nie determines to live a new life and love things and people around him again, including Sun.


The film has won numerous awards such as the Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Awards. As a musical, it brings great enjoyment through its beautiful music and dance.


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